Water Treatment & Softeners

Water softeners remove minerals that cause water to be "hard" (when water contains high levels of magnesium and calcium).


Hard water creates scale buildup inside your pipes, reducing water heater efficiency; complicates detergent and soap dissolving in water; and leaves water spots on your faucets and sinks.

Installing a water softener preserves the life of your water appliances (like coffee machines, dishwashers), saves you money on monthly energy costs, and provides shinier, cleaner glassware and stainless steel surfaces.

At Tri City Plumbing, we offer three water softener units to reduce the negative impacts of hard water on your home or business. Not only do we believe in quality units, we offer outstanding customer service and experienced installation.

Water Softener Units

EconoFlo Series

  • 6 Lbs salt & 70 Gal water per regeneration

  • 50% less salt and 28% less water than conventional calendar clock softeners

  • Simple, fast programmable set-up

  • Available in twin tank or cabinet

  • 5 year warranty on valve, 10 on pressure and brine tank


$1,299 + HST

Rent 23.99 + HST per mont

NovoSoft High Efficiency

  • Reverse flow regeneration pushes hardness up through existing resin and out the drain, saving salt and resin

  • Uses 75% less salt and 64% less water vs. conventional softeners

  • Simple, fast, programmable install

  • Uses only exact amount of brine necessary in regeneration

  • Available in twin tank or cabinet

  • 7 year warranty on valve

  • Lifetime warranty on pressure and brine tank


$1,599 + HST

Rent 28.99 + HST per month 

NovoClear HTO Combo

  • HTO unit removes not only hardness, but also taste and odour left by chlorine, chloramines and organics

  • Cleans and softens

  • 7 year warranty on valve

  • Lifetime warranty on pressure vessel and brine tank

  • Enjoy two systems for less money


$2,799 + HST

Rent 36.99 + HST per month 

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